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Photoplay Cookbook: Gloria Swanson’s “Cream Fudge”


Welcome back! I am cooking my way through the 1929 Photoplay cookbook (recipes of the stars!) and you are invited to tag along. (I have listed all the recipes I have tested on this dedicated page. Check back often.) Today, we will be testing a recipe from someone who is considered to be one of the symbols of silent film.

Gloria Swanson started in comedy, jumped to drama and was one of the top…

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1. Elegant and beautiful silk hanbok for Spring. With its gorgeous pastel-toned colors and high-quality silk, this hanbok is just stunning!

2.Gorgeous and elegant hanbok dress for brides who are planning their special weddings on Spring. Lace top and pastel-toned skirt will generate very feminine and fresh atmosphere.

3.Pastel-toned Spring hanbok generates such feminine and fresh atmosphere. With many layers of beautiful colors, this hanbok skirt is just gorgeous!!

4.Glamorous Korean traditional hanbok named hwalot. With hand-embroidered flowers and golden decoration on romantic pink dress, this hanbok maximizes glamorous and adorable look of hanbok. It’s just breath-taking!


Hanbok is a Korean traditional custom that people still wear nowadays for special event. HanbokLynn, a Korean fashion design company, mixes modern and the past in a very smart way so that people would still love to wear hanbok. More photos are available at
Instagram: @hanboklynn


"Fashion Into Art" (Part 1 of 2) See Part 2

Photographer: Kang Hyea Won

Stylist: Seo Young Hee

Models: Hyun Ji Eun, Stefani Lee, Doo Boo, Lee Hyun Yi, Han Eu Deum, Park Ji Hyea, and Min Young

Vogue Korea August 2012

(Scans Source


"Scene of Seoul"

Photographer : Ogh Sang Su

Models : Stefani Lee & Lee Seung Mi

Vogue Korea August 2013

(Scans Source)


"Once Upon A Time" by Kang Hyea Won

Vogue Korea June 2014

Model: Song So Hee


“Surreal Shopper” photograph by Herbert Matter, Harper’s Bazaar 1939.

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That’s actually kind of how I go shopping.

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Joan Fontaine.

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MBTI Personality Types do not define one’s personality. They describe how one’s brain works…

Please recognize that you are so much more than those four letters.

Please remember that we are all unique and have very special personalities that can only be created by our genes and experiences.

But definitely relish in the fact that you now know how you process information and use that brainpower to its fullest potential to grow, transform and improve your very individual personality.

The Biggest Misconception About MBTI Personality Types (via jesusisindisguise)

The biggest problem I have seen with MBTI (and some other personality typing systems) is that people use them as a way to excuse their more unpleasant traits. I had a run-in with someone who claimed to be INTJ and so went out of her way to be as rude and condescending as possible, all while loudly proclaiming her “type”

Nope. She wasn’t doing it because she was an INTJ. She was doing it because she is an obnoxious jerk who was using MBTI as an excuse.

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I’m an INTJ, too, but I’m very kind and always willing to help others. It just describes how my brain functions, not who I am as a person. Your MBTI type can help you determine your mental strengths and weaknesses and apply that to completing tasks like work and studies.

That’s all it is. Nothing is an excuse for being a jerk.

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Preach it! I’m an INFP and I don’t use MBTI to excuse my tendencies toward self-absorption, passive aggression, and oversensitivity toward criticism. I see these as obstacles I must overcome to grow as a person.

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Yes, I have had to soften myself down (another INTJ) and have made an effort to curb a know-it-all tendency.

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Myrna Loy in The Barbarian (1933).

Pretty much the entire reason this movie was made…


Myrna Loy in The Barbarian (1933).

Pretty much the entire reason this movie was made…

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